Websites with Backdrop CMS

“Backdrop Solutions“ offers web and graphic design, development and maintenance of websites for small and medium businesses, NGOs, foundations, communities, as well as personal websites.

We develop and maintain websites created with a modern and one of the most advanced contemporary content management system named Backdrop CMS. The “Backdrop Solutions“ website is for presentation of Backdrop CMS and our services.

Our office is located in Sofia, Bulgaria, and we have been working purposefully online for more than 10 years with customers from all over Bulgaria, all over Europe and the world. We know from long experience that working online is much more productive and saves a huge amount of time and money for both our clients and ourselves.

Backdrop CMS - free open source

In the sections of this article we will tell you in detail what is Backdrop CMS and explain why we think that Backdrop CMS is the best contemporary solution for building a website for small or medium-sized business, NGO, foundation or community, personal site or blog.

This information will be useful for readers who are about to make a decision to create for their business or activity a new website with rich functionality and modern features, as well as with a original unique design at an affordable price (or rebrand and modernize an existent website) .

They would like to have access to their website so that they can upload and update content (text, images, video), manage or moderate comments of site visitors or communicate with registered users of the site, but they would not want to waste their valuable business time with the process requiring a significant amount of specific knowledge to systematically build, maintain and advertise a complex website with rich content and functionality.

Instead, they would like to outsource the development and maintenance of such a website to a web agency specializing in providing web services to small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations and associations or creating personal websites, freelancer portfolios or fancy blogs.

This is what we offer through our site "Backdrop Solutions".

The information in our website also will be useful for owners of websites built with Drupal 7 and even older versions, who are wondering whether to upgrade their website to Drupal 8 or 9 or switch to another CMS because of the significant increase in the cost of maintaining and complexity of the latest versions of Drupal over the last few years.

And also given that Drupal 7 will not be maintained after November 2022 from their community and many of its thousands of modules are more and more abandoned or with poor maintenance even today. Upgrading the Drupal 7 or 6 website to Backdrop CMS is one of the best solutions to this problem.

But If you are interested in installing and maintaining the Backdrop CMS system by yourself, you will probably find many useful information in our “Backdrop Solutions” website, but nevertheless we would advise you to look for comprehensive training materials on the Backdrop CMS main website and other community-based help and learning information channels.

Links to all sources of information for self-operation with the system can be found on the Backdrop CMS website, but if you decide after reading our website pages that we can help you with advice, contact us through our Contact page.

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