Website theme design for Rossi Advertising Agency

Mobile website designWe present you an original development of a unique theme for Backdrop CMS for the website of Rossi Advertising Agency.

We do not use ready-made themes, but develop an individual and unique theme (design) for each website made by us.

A logo is used, which is the client's own project, but the overall design of the site and its information structure is our development.

This site is characterized by the intensive use of the Views and Taxonomy modules to maximize user-friendly navigation in the numerous content of pages and sections on the site.

We also made an administrative panel for the site, through which the client will supplement and edit independently texts, photos and video the future content of the site.

This website is in Bulgarian only.

The project was completed in March 2020.

Screenshot from the website of Rossi Advertising Agency

Visit the website at Rossi Advertising Agency