Custom Backdrop CMS theme for Hospice website

Hospis Marinela Home Page for MobileHospice Marinela is a specialized medium-sized medical institution licensed by the Regional Health Center in Sofia and the Bulgarian Ministry of Health.

The hospice provided care for the elderly and sick in post-stroke conditions, chronic diseases, after major surgical interventions, cancer patients, people with injuries and others.

We have developed and maintained the hospice's website soon after this company was founded in 2008. The site was created first with Drupal 6, in 2012 it was updated to Drupal 7 and simultaneously a new custom theme for Drupal 7 was developed.

In the spring of 2020 the website was upgraded to Backdrop CMS and we created a new custom theme for Backdrop CMS with a new logo, new color scheme and an original design, which is perceived very positively by users and visitors.

Over the years we have made a lot of efforts to optimize this website for search engines.

The website has been in good search position in the Bulgarian Internet for years, but since the site was upgraded to Backdrop CMS and the new Backdrop CMS theme was created, the site has taken the lead in search for hospice services and the number of visitors and pages visited has increased significantly.

To analyze visits we use our own statistical server hosted in Sofia, Bulgaria, built with free open source software Matomo – a powerful web analytics platform that gives you 100% data ownership with full compliance with the European requirements of the GDPR for personal data protection.

Hospis Marinela custom Backdrop CMS theme

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