Original theme for Backdrop CMS for small brochure website

Mobile homepage designThe MEBELI 1 BG Plus store is a unique local center for selling furniture in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The owner and manager of the store is a professional interior designer in love with her work, who will kindly help you make an excellent choice among countless different furniture offered by all leading furniture manufacturers in Bulgaria - for your home, office or commercial site.

You will save a lot of time for visiting various large furniture showrooms, you will find the right combination of furniture, at an extremely reasonable price, tailored to your budget.

Knowing well the activity of the store as its customers, we tried to present its unique atmosphere through the original web design of the site, created with a new and original theme for Backdrop CMS, for which no templates or ready-made models are used.

After an interview with the employees of the store, we compiled and edited the texts for the site, we also took all the photos that you will see in the photo gallery from the store.

The site is small, like a brochure type website, but despite the small number of pages, it has an astonishing number of visits, which is due not only to the well-optimized for search engine Backdrop CMS and good responsive design of the site, but also regular customers who have been using the services for over 20 years and recommend the store to other customers who are also looking for furniture.

The information on the site is in Bulgarian only.

The website of MEBELI 1 BG Plus was completed in July 2019.

Backdrop CMS theme for brochure site

Visit the site at MEBELI 1 BG Plus