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Home page of the site with responsive designThe National Cultural Centers are a unique local cultural institution and a type of non-governmental and non-commercial organization specific to Bulgarian history and culture since the Bulgarian Renaissance, they have played a crucial role in the preservation of the Bulgarian language, spirit and culture.

Aura Community Center is one of the oldest and most authoritative such organizations, established in Sofia as early as 1929.

Every year thousands of children, students, their parents and many other citizens participate in the educational courses organized by the community center and various events.

The website of Aura Community Center was originally developed by us in 2014 with Drupal 7, with an original theme for Drupal 7 and individual web design, created especially for the Aura community center and its educational and cultural activities.

Later, in 2017-2018 we upgraded the website's content management system from Drupal 7 to Backdrop CMS, and the website theme was converted into a theme for Backdrop CMS and a responsive (mobile) design of the site was added.

This website is very visited throughout the year, but especially intense are visits before the beginning of the school year, when parents are looking for a place to enroll their children and students for various educational courses outside the standard school system.

In addition to children and students, the community center offers activities for older people – activities in Bulgarian folk dances, theater groups, yoga groups, aerobics, rich library and many other opportunities for education, entertainment and social contacts.

The website is in Bulgarian only and the design with Backdrop CMS was completed in the summer of 2018.

Since then, we have been performing constant technical support on the website, updating content, editing texts, processing and uploading photos, as well as optimizing new content for search engines.

We have also developed and maintain Facebook page of Aura Community Center.

Website of Aura Community Center

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