Backdrop CMS and Drupal 7

While the Backdrop CMS looks really familiar and "almost" like Drupal 7, the new system has numerous improvements in the interface and admin panel, many new smart tools for more comfortable work, which will be appreciated immediately and with great pleasure by experienced Drupal users and will greatly facilitate the learning and acquisition of the system by new users.

Backdrop CMS embodies and gives new life to the best achieved in the long and successful history of Drupal 7 as it is carefully analyzed and derived from the successful practice of hundreds of thousands of sites that used Drupal before the creation of Backdrop CMS.

Seventy-four (!) (74) of the most commonly used and installed over the years modules and features for Drupal 5, 6 and 7 are already moved into the core of Backdrop CMS.

This helps site administrators with Backdrop CMS with much less work for system maintenance (saves frequent site updates when updating external system modules as they are no longer external but part of the core) and significantly more greater security because the modules are supported by the same team that supports the core of the system.

Of the 100 most commonly used and installed modules for Drupal 7, over 95 Drupal 7 modules already have (as of May 2020) a Backdrop CMS version and very often also significant improvements.

A total of over 500 (five hundred) of the most used modules and themes for Drupal 7 are now available in Backdrop CMS versions. Hundreds more are under development on GitHub and will be completed in the coming months or years, many of which can still be used today, although they do not yet have final official versions because they are under development, testing and improvement.

For those familiar with the traditions and history of Drupal (and other CMS), will be significant the fact that in the Backdrop CMS community the scattering of programmers' forces in the parallel development of many duplicate modules and projects should be avoided.

So keep this in mind when considering what Backdrop CMS offers you in terms of capabilities - so far, at this stage of development, the system has a smaller number of modules than those available in Drupal 7, but with guaranteed support and without duplicate projects.

Backdrop CMS has the ability, and does so diligently, to choose the best and most successful of the projects created for Drupal 7. And what is updated to the version for Backdrop CMS is often improved and enriched with new features.

It is possible for inventive web developers, even those with little programming experience, to convert many Drupal 7 modules to a Backdrop CMS version with quick and easy technique, and even a Backdrop module Coder Upgrade has been created to help automate module converting from Drupal 7 to Backdrop CMS.

This is true for many but not for the most complex Drupal 7 modules that require joint professional efforts of the community experts, however, they are constantly working to transfer the software legacy from Drupal 7 to Backdrop CMS.

A significant new advantage is that in Backdrop CMS you now have the opportunity to search for new modules and update already installed modules, even update the core through the administrative panel of the system itself.

This allows you to administer and develop the system without leaving its administrative panel and saves many hours of searching, compatibility checks, downloading and uploading the necessary modules on the site.

The ability to install new modules and update already installed modules, as well as the core through the system itself makes updating the system a quick, easy and fun activity and greatly reduces the time and cost of system maintenance.

Backdrop CMS is a system built and maintained with maximum security standards, developed and tested and proven effective in the history of Drupal security support.

Newly discovered security threats are detected, fixed and eliminated quickly and responsibly.

Backdrop CMS is free! You do not owe any current or future fees for the installation of the system and all modules available now and in the future.

Last but not least, Backdrop CMS, although a newer and more modern generation of software, is actually a very light and fast system, requires less system resources and makes websites "fly", which is a pleasure for the owners and users of the website, as well as for its visitors and a great advantage for optimizing the site for search engines.

For more information, visit the Backdrop CMS website.

There is no reason to wait, download, install and try the system. If you have previously developed websites you will know how to do this locally, on shared hosting or on your own web server

If you do not know how to do it, contact us via the Contact page, we will be happy to assist you.

In the meantime, the Backdrop CMS website has the option to test the system online.