Custom themes for Backdrop CMS

We develop custom themes for Backdrop CMS with original and impressive web design that will make your site fast, original, unique and attractive to visitors.

We do not work with ready-made web templates (themes) because we believe that they are harmful for the marketing and usefulness of the site, make it boring for visitors because the website with ready-made theme almost always looks the same with many thousands of other sites.

Backdrop CMS custom themes design

In order for an advertisement and marketing of your website to be successful, the site must have an interesting and original design, stand out from the rest, and make an impression as something different and so very easy to remember. Because it's very hard to remember someone when everyone is dressed almost the same and they're very much alike.

This cannot be achieved with ready-made themes with hundreds of thousands or even millions of active installations, even if big efforts were made to customize them - they still look like something familiar and very standard.

There is also a tendency, if a site theme is successful and many people use (and buy it), other theme developers more or less try to copy it and so ready-made themes even with different providers and different names actually look very similar.

The visitor gets tired of looking at hundreds of sites that look almost the same and are filled with big photos and spectacular color effects.

With big photos and effects site developers try to give ready-made themes some individuality, but in fact they tire and distract visitors, who immediately will shows interest in your site if it has an original non-standard design, even if this design is relatively simple and without many big photos and special effects, but is really unique, original and easy to navigate and understand.

People always will like and remember websites that look different and unusual. And that are easy to perceive, read and find the content that visitor is looking for.

Custom-designed themes have one more extremely important advantage - they have a compact and cleverly written program code specifically for your site, and not for potentially thousands of others with other requirements and different structures.

There is nothing superfluous in custom themes as long as when using a ready-made theme, which by its nature is created in order to be used (and sold) on a huge number of sites, you have heavy and bloated code with hundreds of tools, widgets and functionalities that you most likely will never use because they were designed for other information structures, navigation and sites of different purposes and purposes.

Compact program code written specially for your custom theme makes your site much faster when working on different devices and especially on smartphones and tablets with slower Internet connections or working from a long distance places and thus helps for much better search engine optimization and greater pleasure for visitors to work with your website and a willingness to browse its contents and visit it again.

We will create a unique new web design (theme) for your Backdrop CMS website. With full accordance to your logo, colors, brand and corporate identity as well as with your existing advertisement standards.

We also can create a theme for your new Backdrop CMS website according to a project and requirements specified by you - drawing, scheme, what kind of project or draft you can make, as well as copying, improving and adapting of any existing website design and converting it into a custom theme for Backdrop CMS.

If you are interested or have questions, please contact us via our Contact page.

We will answer promptly.