Other content management systems

There are dozens of other promising communities that are developing free open source content management systems, some of which are very interesting and promising, but we will publish another articles in the future for this themes and these other CMS are not included in current analysis.

Among the most interesting alternatives we can just mention: Joomla, MODX, TYPO3 and among the newest - Grav and October.

The road from the creation to the establishment of a CMS as vital and useful for users in the long run is difficult and long and not everyone who started promisingly or successfully reaches a favorable end by building strong and cohesive lasting communities of developers and a large number of loyal users.

Lastly, having a large and well-organized community of experienced users that both Wordpress and Drupal can be proud of is very important for the development of a free open source CMS.

The large number of users of the content management system actively and free of charge participate in its testing and improvement by reporting bugs and suggestions for improvement and development.

The community is also important because it provides free help, advice and consultations to other novice users of the system, thus exponentially expanding the number of its users.