Drupal 7

Backdrop CMS and Drupal 7

While the Backdrop CMS looks really familiar and "almost" like Drupal 7, the new system has numerous improvements in the interface and admin panel, many new smart tools for more comfortable work, which will be appreciated immediately and with great pleasure by experienced Drupal users and will greatly facilitate the learning and acquisition of the system by new users.

Why choose Backdrop CMS

Backdrop CMS is a modern fork (branch) of the popular Drupal 7 and is a system with unique capabilities for individual site configuration and building modern web applications with features that are unattainable for most other modern content management systems.

At the same time, Backdrop CMS is designed specifically for the needs and capabilities of small and medium-sized businesses, NGOs, associations, foundations, clubs, religious communities, political parties, as well as for personal websites and blogs.

Website for Aura Community Center with Backdrop CMS

Home page of the site with responsive design

The National Cultural Centers are a unique local cultural institution and a type of non-governmental and non-commercial organization specific to Bulgarian history and culture since the Bulgarian Renaissance, they have played a crucial role in the preservation of the Bulgarian language, spirit and culture.

Aura Community Center is one of the oldest and most authoritative such organizations, established in Sofia as early as 1929.