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Custom Backdrop CMS theme for Hospice website

Hospis Marinela - homepage of the website

Hospice Marinela is a specialized medium-sized medical institution licensed by the Regional Health Center in Sofia and the Bulgarian Ministry of Health.

The site was created first with Drupal 6, in 2012 it was updated to Drupal 7 with a custom theme for Drupal 7.

In 2020 the site was upgraded to Backdrop CMS with new custom theme for Backdrop CMS, new logo, new color scheme and original design.

Website theme design for Rossi Advertising Agency

Website theme design for Rossi Advertising Agency

Development of a Backdrop CMS custom theme for the website of Rossi Advertising Agency.

We do not use ready-made themes, but develop an individual and unique theme (design) for each website made by us.

A logo is used, which is the client's own project, but the overall design of the site and its information structure is our development.

Original theme for Backdrop CMS for small brochure website

Custom theme for Backdrop CMS for furniture store

The MEBELI 1 BG Plus store is a unique local center for selling furniture in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The owner and manager of the store is a professional interior designer in love with her work, who will kindly help you make an excellent choice among countless different furniture offered by all leading furniture manufacturers in Bulgaria - for your home, office or commercial site.

Website for Aura Community Center with Backdrop CMS

Home page of the site with responsive design

The National Cultural Centers are a unique local cultural institution and a type of non-governmental and non-commercial organization specific to Bulgarian history and culture since the Bulgarian Renaissance, they have played a crucial role in the preservation of the Bulgarian language, spirit and culture.

Aura Community Center is one of the oldest and most authoritative such organizations, established in Sofia as early as 1929.