Why choose Backdrop CMS

Backdrop CMS is a modern fork (branch) of the popular Drupal 7 and is a system with unique capabilities for individual site configuration and building modern web applications with features that are unattainable for most other modern content management systems.

At the same time, Backdrop CMS is designed specifically for the needs and capabilities of small and medium-sized businesses, NGOs, associations, foundations, clubs, religious communities, political parties, as well as for personal websites and blogs.

It achieves this with easy installation, pleasant, understandable and convenient administrative interface for administration and management of the system and content, as well as with low requirements for system resources, allowing installation of accessible for small companies and organizations and affordable shared hosting.

The system is also suitable for the development of more complex and large-scale sites of large companies, national and international organizations, educational institutions, media and other ambitious projects that seek a platform for developing a site with great potential at a free price for the system itself, affordable low prices for hosting, development and maintenance of the website.

An extremely important advantage of Backdrop CMS is that this system allows updating sites made with Drupal 7 - as mentioned above - one of the most common CMS since the beginning of the century and widely recognized for its unattainable flexibility and unique customization options and specific configuration to build a vast variety of complex websites of any type.

This is an excellent and dreamed opportunity for the last few years for owners and administrators of over 700,000 sites created and operated by Drupal 7 (as of May 2020) given the anticipated and expected imminent termination of Drupal 7 support in the fall of 2022.

Owners of sites with Drupal 7, of course, have the opportunity to update it to the next versions of Drupal 8, and in 2020 with Drupal 9.

The problem with these newer versions of Drupal is that they are built on new programming principles, are incompatible with sites built with previous versions of Drupal, which requires a complete overhaul and rebuilding of existing sites.

The new versions of Drupal - 8 and 9 - require significantly more complex maintenance, require much more serious system resources and dramatically increase the cost of owning a site with Drupal, making Drupal in the last 4-5 years a site management system primarily for large and complex corporate clients with their own IT departments or significant budgets covering the high cost of ongoing maintenance.

Backdrop CMS on the other hand is a secure and very easy to install and maintain alternative, it meets today's new needs and is ready to breathe new life into your site, whether it was created many years ago with an earlier version of Drupal or will be created now or completely refurbished without requiring large resources and complex and expensive site maintenance.

Backdrop CMS offers all the possibilities to update or rebrand your site with modern technologies, quickly and easily, without the need to learn a hitherto unknown interface which is a great convenience for experienced users of the previous beloved versions 6 and 7 of Drupal.

Backdrop CMS enables developers, site owners and users familiar with the classic Drupal know-how to continue working in a familiar environment without the need for retraining and learning new (and most often redundant and useless for the needs of small and medium business) sophisticated technologies.

As a successor in the development of extremely successful and popular Drupal 7 Backdrop CMS in the same way allows complex web solutions to be constructed in an easy and affordable way - without too many additional modules or the need to write your own program code.